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What’s not to love about goats? They’re clever, hungry buggers and they will sow chaos while simultaneously fertilising your field and pruning your hedges! You adore them! You have a herd, you and your business partners. And you aim to conquer capitalism with their beautiful, chaotic faces. You’ve bought into a live goat experience franchise. But the rules of your franchise contract are strict and set you up for failure. So be careful because losing one event fee is enough to doom you!

In Corporate Overgoats, a one-page RPG for 2 or more people, the players go up against the CEO using the power of goats.  Keep the chaos meter from filling up or emptying out and you'll live to goat another day.


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The base success threshold doesn't seem to be in the pdf at all. Is it 6?


This game is too cool for school. Miss it at your peril.